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Internet Vietnam Slow?

Internet Vietnam Slow?

Being unable to connect to the internet is a frustrating experience. Can we make the Internet run faster in Vietnam if it runs poorly? How can we increase the speed of the Internet in Vietnam? In our article, we reveal the truth; let’s take a look!

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Internet Vietnam, Slow – What’s Under The Surface? 

For years, there have been claims that the Internet in Vietnam is so slow that it takes ages to watch a movie. But are you really interested in knowing the real speed of the cable network and how to make it faster?  

Vietnam Online Slow – Reported Data

Mobile Network

A recent report suggests that Vietnam’s Internet speed is among the world’s lowest. In June 2020, the mobile Internet speed of Vietnam was only about one-third of the global average. The low speeds in Vietnam could have been caused by several factors, including Vietnam’s population, the number of subscribers, and the weather.

However, compared to the leading nation of mobile networks, South Korea, which has a robust rate of 110.10 Mb/s connection, Vietnam seems to have a long way to go to catch up.

Fixed Network

In Vietnam, the rate of Internet access has increased from 4.97 Mb/s in 2006 to 53.42 Mb/s in 2012. So it appears that the speed in Vietnam is equal to about 68% of the global average. As for fixed Internet connections, the country is still lagging behind the world average, with the highest connection rate in the Asia-Pacific region at 208.16 Mb/s.

What Is The Ranking?

Using the above information, we can determine that Vietnam has a relatively good Internet connection compared to other countries worldwide. Since Vietnam has an average number of fixed and mobile network connections, we can conclude that the Internet is nearly average.

Internet Vietnam Slow?

The author believes that the data he has obtained shows that the connection between humans is far more stable now than it was before. If you had been reading this article over the Internet in 2020, you would have noticed that the connections are getting stronger, meaning that they are less likely to disconnect than they were before.

Slow Internet Vietnam: The real speed.

You may think that in Vietnam it is difficult to access the Internet at a stable speed, but the real speed is quite different from what you think.

According to Vietnam Internet Center (VNNIC), the download speed of fixed networks in Vietnam in the first quarter of 2020 was 5.12 Mbps. It is a very low speed compared to the average speeds in other countries, which can reach more than 20 Mbps. VNPT has the fastest fixed broadband network, followed by Viettel and FPT.

In the fourth quarter of 2007, mobile networks achieved average download speeds of 38.44 MB/s and upload speeds of 12.64 MB/s. Viettel ranked highest, followed by VinaPhone and Mobile Phones.

Internet slow in Vietnam – why?

Internet Vietnam Slow?

Lots Of Users

During May and April 2020, the increase in Internet traffic in Vietnam was due to the high demand for online learning during Covid-19 isolation. This increased the number of users accessing the network, resulting in longer network access times.

So, after May 1st, there was a “Internet congestion.” And because the rate of congestion was lower, the speeds were better in June.

With billions of users, the Internet has created new connections, which is making the network slower. Thus, there is an imperative need for improvements in Internet infrastructure.

Cable Breakdown

The development of Vietnam’s broadband Internet service was plagued by a number of problems that lasted for several months. But all these problems were handled before the end of June so you can see a higher use of the Internet in that month.

Internet Vietnam Slow?

People used to experience the same problems with the cable as the causes of unstable connection.

Price Of Internet 

Whether or not you have a slow connection, you may be wondering how much you have to pay monthly.

The Vietnam mobile phone market is similar to the rest of Asia in that there are a number of mobile phone providers offering similar services at similar prices. However, Vietnam has a relatively small number of phone providers that are mostly focused on offering basic prepaid plans. As a result, most users get their service through mobile phone networks of larger mobile phone companies in other parts of Asia, where the costs are higher. As a result, the overall average price of mobile phone plans in Vietnam is around $30 USD.

The reason the Internet speed in Vietnam is lower than the world average is because the country is the lowest cost. Despite this, the download speed is faster than in other countries, and the upload speed is about the same as the rest of the world. It seems that the network speed in Vietnam is slower than you think.

“But I am in a hurry, so don’t worry about the frozen Internet. There are some tips and tricks to make sure the Internet is working properly and smoothly.”

Ways to have a faster connection

Premium service packages

As the United States has indicated, internet access in Vietnam is affordable compared to many countries around the world. This makes it difficult to require a super fast connection, even though it is much faster than in most countries.

In Vietnam, people often buy access to fast internet connections from expensive packs of services. If you hate slow internet Vietnam, you can pay more money for faster downloads and uploads.

Choose Providers

Besides having a good package, you can choose the best Internet providers in Vietnam. They have faster and more stable internet connections than normal.

I have my own prediction for 5G

We’re not expecting a quick breakthrough of 5G technology in Vietnam, but rather waiting to see whether it will succeed or not!

All In All,

Now we believe that the Internet in Vietnam will be slower than the rest of the world’s. It is usually the same speed as how much it costs.

When you’re looking for a good phone connection, you can either get a better service from your provider or pay for an expensive service to give you better performance.

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